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Liberty Mutual
Business Insurance Collateral Rationalization and Redesign

Liberty Mutual's eight regional companies each had a unique architecture and look and feel for their print collateral. We created a unified document architecture and a new look and feel that could be used across all regions, but would still be customizable to each region's needs.

We created a new design that is more concise, with color coding for at-a-glance recognition of product type and content.
Initial Research

We began by reviewing all current-state collateral from the regional companies. The picture below shows the material from each region organized into rows, with corresponding documents aligned vertically. We were able to determine what documents appeared across all regions and where there was a need for variability.

Worksessions, Architecture and Final Deliverables

We conducted interviews and worksessions with Liberty Mutual stakeholders, including regional agents and brokers to determine how the collateral was used in the field. Based on our findings we developed documents that were more concise, could be read easily in print or as a PDF viewed on a tablet. We also developed concepts for an app that agents and brokers could use in the field.