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Life Insurance and Annuity Statement Consolidation and Redesign

As part of an ongoing transactional documents review, MassMutual asked Addison to consolidate and redesign its statements for five life and annuity products.

Applying information design best practices, Addison dramatically reduced (from more than 25 to just 4) the number of different statement templates while enhancing customer experience and supporting the MassMutual brand.

We developed a new look and
feel for the statement that was consistent with the MassMutual brand and enhanced the statement's usability.
Research & Validation

Before beginning the redesign process, we began by interviewing key stakeholders to find current pain points and desired future-state features. We also conducted worksessions during which we presented possible solutions and gathered feedback to incorporate in our prototype designs.

Once we had completed the initial prorotypes, we conducted online validation sesssions with MassMutual customers. These sessions included both task-based and more general questions. The results proved that the updated statement was both significantly more usable and made a more positive impression on users based on look and feel.